Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli is a non-profit association named after the father of Italian food critics. It was founded in Bergamo (Italy) on April 7th 1986 by a group of winegrowers, important figures from the agri-food and catering sectors and by Luigi Veronelli, who was its honorary president for almost twenty years.

As a heritage to be preserved and, above all, as an opportunity for the future, Luigi Veronelli considered the earth as a powerful symbol, an invitation to “become peasants” in a profound sense, a moral choice and an assumption of responsibility accessible to everyone, which goes beyond the working and professional dimension.

To acquire a peasant sensibility, starting from the tasting of a wine, an agricultural product or a dish, meant for our founder to keep alive the possibility of change, an evolution which is both rural, cultured and shared at the same time. Widely regarded as the greatest gastronomic critic of the twentieth century, Luigi Veronelli found in the civilization of the countryside and the table the vital space for happy relationships between human beings and the planet.

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Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli
Viale delle Mura 1 – 24129, Bergamo
Gruppo UBI Banca – Sede di Bergamo
IBAN: IT 95 E 03111 11101 000000040142

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